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Renowned ...

a quality of many of our customers.
We can show you what you can do with Compensa anti-friction bearings and components.
Build variable signal systems, for example.


Quality lawn care ...

... with Compensa bearings and components. This manufacturer has been developing excellently for years.


Rolling archives ...

... exert pressure.
And nobody likes to empty huge crates just to change a bearing.


Resourcefulness ...

... is more important for procuring the right components for pool roofs than just compressive strength.


Assurance ...

... is demanded for the juggernaut fire engines of the Fujairah fire brigade: the assurance of being able to withstand high loads and stresses.


Escalators ...

… should not come to a standstill.
Q-COM has proven itself excellently.



Agricultural machinery ...

... is constructed with Compensa bearings. Mechanical resilience is what counts.


What lies on the pallet ...

... are engines. With Compensa anti-friction bearings. From hoisting vehicles right up to heavy-duty forklifts, the most renowned manufacturers trust our anti-friction bearings.

Hubwagerl breit

Automation ...

... in the production process is not possible without Compensa. With us, you’ll produce reliably and efficiently.


Electric tools ...

... that need to last call out for Compensa.

026 EWKZ

Sports and leisure time ...

... here things must move easily and last a long time

025 SportFreizeitger

Lots of rpm’s …

Manufacturing motors and engines is another important field for Compensa customers.

025 EMotoren

So that the pump lasts longer ...

... you can either use it sparingly – or fit it with optimal rolling parts.

026 Pumpen Motoren

There are still many more examples ...

Please contact us today. We are looking forward to you!

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